Monday, October 24, 2011

Another October Weekend

It's early and I can't get back to sleep so I thought I would do a quick blog post. We didn't really do anything this weekend. Jonah had soccer this weekend and Matt worked a ton on his projects that are due midweek. I didn't even take any pictures. Fair warning: this is what my life is about. We did have a little celebration when Jonah went number two in the potty. He hasn't gone in his underwear in at least 6 months but rather he waits for nap time or bedtime when he is wearing a diaper. Which is why when he started whining and requesting a diaper we ran him to the bathroom and with a little chocolate incentive he went. Maybe it is the start of something but if not that is okay. He is still young and we're not pushing it. So enough about that. Let's make this a little catch up post. I don't think I can do bullets on my phone but here are a few of the things Jonah is saying/doing lately.

Asks a billion questions. He is starting to ask questions about people in public and always uses male pronouns.

Frequently wears his fireboots and no pants. It is adorable.

Not about Jonah but anytime the dogs (especially Caleb) hear Jonah crying or waking up from his nap on the monitor they run upstairs and wait outside his door until I open it.

Is starting to learn to write his name at school. He has got the J down.

Likes to tell us what letter words start with and when he is trying to think of a word he'll say it starts with this letter and makes this sound. I think this way sometimes too.

Watches a new show on PBS called Super Why. I wasn't thrilled with Sesame Street (it's not the same show that we grew up with) and so with a friends recommendation we checked out this show and he really likes it. It is all about letters and words and Jonah will shout out the letters and I hear him talking about what happened on the show.

I'm thinking about keeping some of his tools upstairs and some downstairs because I frequently hear "I gotta go get my tools" and he takes off running.

I am always finding rocks and pinecones that he has brought in from outside.

He is practicing different facial expressions and will tell us to have a mad/sad/happy/scared face and he'll be the opposite.

Always wants a bite of our food if we're eating something different. He no longer takes nibbles but big bites.

Talks about and pretends to fly to Illinois multiple times a day. Or "nillinois" as he calls it.

After telling him about when he was a baby he was in my tummy he has on several occasions told me to get in his belly and he'll left his shirt up.

Keeps life interesting and fun!

I do have a picture from Friday when we had a little play date at our house. Here are Jonah and Jake playing.

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