Monday, October 17, 2011

Jonah was back at preschool today after what seemed like a long absence. We didn't do much over the weekend because Matt is working really hard on a few projects. He hopes to have them completed by the end of the week so we can spend the entire weekend together. I think a visit to the pumpkin patch is in order! Jonah had soccer practice on Saturday and I'm just thrilled at how well he is doing. He grasps the concepts of the drills and follows directions which is very different than swim lessons where he was just hanging out in the pool. He had a great time as evidenced by the constant smile on his face but spaced out most of the time. We're skipping the next session and I'll try to work with him. I do have a few pictures to share. Posting this from my phone I'm not sure what order these pictures will upload but here is the order I see. The first is from when Aunt Megan was visiting and we were trying on shoes as the perfect pair of black boots has eluded me for years. Jonah saw these heels and wanted to try them on. The next picture is of some pretty flowers on my table. The orange lilies are from my sweet husband and the pink one was a late bloom from our yard. The last picture is Jonah wearing my wreath pretending to be a ballerina.

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