Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More pictures part 20

How is the month of October almost half over? I wish time would slow down a little bit. Aunt Megan left last night. We all enjoyed having her visit although Matt has been so busy he didn't get to spend much time with anyone. Jonah had been acting like he didn't feel good and last night I took a look at his mouth and it is covered in sores. I kept him home from preschool today and we watched Sesame Street on the couch. He went with me this morning to a doctors appointment and I lost count of the number of people who commented on how much he talks. He really never stops. He is down for a nap now and I can hear him in there talking. Before I turned off his light I told him about snow plows and how we might see one in Illinois when we visit. He had never heard of a snow plow before and his eyes just lit up as I was telling him what they do. It sounds like he is pretending his bed is a snow plow. Here are some pictures from my camera of the last week.

At Snoqualmie Falls yesterday. He was very concerned about all the mist.
The fountain is synchronized to music (Hendrix & Nirvana while we were there) which meant Jonah just had to dance. He pulled Aunt Megan up there with him.
Thankfully the forecast that said rain everyday changed and we had a few days with no rain and some days with only a little rain. This was one of those days as the sun was trying to peak out at Gas Works Park.
Pumpkin painting at a fall festival. Of course the first two colors he chose were green and yellow.
Riding the train with Aunt Megan.
At soccer practice they were pretending to be firemen and had to kick the ball to knock down the cones and put out the fire. Here is Jonah giving it a big kick.
He requests applause and gives it to himself too.

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