Saturday, October 1, 2011

Soccer and Pictures

Since swim lessons started our weeks are just flying by. On parent swim day only one other child showed up and their parent didn't get in the water so I was the only one swimming. It was good though because it was like we had private lessons. Afterward we played at the water park type area at the recreation center. I kept Jonah home from preschool on Wednesday because he had been up the night before not feeling well. He still has a cough but has been sleeping better. I worked last night and have the rest of the weekend off but only because Matt is working tonight and tomorrow night. We're looking forward to Aunt Megan coming to visit next week. She is going to get to experience true Seattle as it is supposed to rain everyday. A girl I work with (or worked with because she just recently left NICU and went to L&D) took some pictures of Jonah this week. She posted a little preview here. He definitely made her work for it as he is a busy, busy little boy who doesn't like to look at the camera or stop talking. I can't wait to see the rest. The pants looked very cute on him but in the pictures they're falling down a bit because he was filling his pockets with rocks. Matt and Jonah are both napping now and I'm off to mow the lawn and plant some bulbs before the rain hits this weekend. Here are some pictures and a video from soccer today. He has improved so much since last year.

Practicing dribbling the ball.

Here he was being a chicken keeping his egg away from the farmer (Matt). The farmer has to try to grab his tail.

Here is Matt being the chicken and Jonah grabbing his tail.

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