Monday, November 21, 2011

Delayed Post

I started this post last week but never finished it. The little cold or whatever I had three weeks ago hasn't left so I finally went to the doctor today. It is so frustrating to be sick and have so much to do. I hope these antibiotics start working quickly! They swabbed me for pertussis but I'm praying that's not what it is because I've been working with unvaccinated babies for the last three weeks. Unfortunately they couldn't give me the vaccination today because I'm running a fever. I need to get it soon!

We had our craft day last week. There was much less crafting than we had planned because we hadn't factored in all the boys. There were three babies that all had to nurse once or twice plus the five older boys that required potty breaks or diaper changes and corrections in behavior. I'm still working on my Advent calendar and at this rate I hope to have it done by Christmas! Matt has had a lot of late nights with meetings and dinners and has been on overnight call once a week. Jonah has really been missing him so I try to plan something special for us to do and really talk it up. Tomorrow Matt has the entire day off because he is on call Wednesday night. We're having a family fun day!

Three of the boys doing a craft. They made little turkey hands.

I'm training my little helper.


I brought my craft supplies in a suitcase which Jonah really enjoyed helping pull.

Making cookies! After every ingredient Jonah would ask if he could taste the dough.

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