Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

After two Halloween parties on Friday I was really ready for it to be over. Jonah went trick or treating at preschool on Monday as well. Monday night we had been invited to another Halloween party held at the parent's house of a friend and then trick or treating in their neighborhood. It was the home of Christie's parents who I know through Karen because their husbands were in the same residency. Her husband is now done and began practicing just this month, after their twins were born. On Monday afternoon I got a call from the preschool saying Jonah had hurt his arm while climbing out of the pack and play. I figured he had dislocated his elbow because he has done that several times before but Matt has always been there to fix it. I picked him up and sure enough that is what happened. They had his arm and a sling and I think to make him happy had given him two pieces of chocolate cake. I put it back into place and he was fine. Matt got off work relatively early and we were able to drive together to the party. We had fun at the party and then we took all the kids trick or treating. Jonah walked into several houses when the door was opened. I thought I was thinking ahead when I got his boots in a size larger so he could wear them next year but it made it hard for him to walk up stairs so he was pretty slow. I didn't get any pictures yesterday so I took some today. Jonah did not want to participate. I bribed him with candy.

This was the end of the photo shoot and he decided he was leaving.
His fake smile

Eating m&ms

He wanted to take a picture of me

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