Friday, November 11, 2011

I think our cold and rainy weather has started. The forecast is full of rain. We took advantage of one of the last nice days yesterdays and spent hours at the park. I was too busy chatting and keeping Jonah in line to take pictures though. Everyday I think he is getting better but this URI is just hanging around. Now he is mostly just whiny. We'll be in Illinois two weeks from tomorrow but I have so much to do in the meantime. I want to have Christmas cards ready to send out before we leave. We'll see how that goes. We need to have the garage cleaned out enough for Matt to park his car in while we're gone and hopefully during the winter. I sold the changing table today so we made a little room. It was the first time I've listed anything on Craigslist and it was really easy. I had several e-mails within the first couple of hours and the first responder picked it up this morning.

I do have a few pictures on my phone from Wednesday. Matt was on call on Tuesday night so after he slept a few hours on Wednesday and while Jonah was in preschool we went out to lunch. It was this place Matt's friend had taken him to and he raved about how good it was. I'm very surprised it passes health inspections but the food was delicious. After we picked Jonah up from preschool we went to Lowe's to look at the Christmas decorations. Jonah liked the log splitter. When we got home he ate some ice cream that they had made at school. He is a little bruised up because one of the kids at school pushed him over.

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