Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's almost time!

The weekends are always more exhausting than my weeks. If Matt isn't working then I am or in the case of this weekend, both of us necessitating the Jonah exchange in hospital parking garages. This makes our time together more special and appreciated.

We're skipping Thanksgiving this year because Matt works Wednesday night, I work Thursday night, Matt works Friday days, and we leave early Saturday morning. Maybe we'll pick up a deli meal for lunch on Thursday and record the parade to watch but I will not be cooking anything. Because we'll be gone for the first week of December we've been discussing putting up Christmas lights outside. I've been listening to Christmas music for the last several days and Jonah has started singing some songs. I love that every year he gets to experience and understand new things. This week we're having a crafting play date and making Advent calendars with the kids. I just ordered our Christmas cards. Now I'll be really impressed with myself if I get them out in the next couple of weeks.

Here is a video of goal time at the last soccer practice. They're doing indoor soccer now but Matt decided they'll skip a session and start again in the spring when Jonah can move up to the next group where they practice without parents.

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