Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Program

Jonah's preschool had a holiday program. I know they sang the ABCs in spanish and London Bridge in Chinese but I don't know what everything else was about. Jonah has been singing at home all week but tonight he was too distracted by the paparazzi aka parents taking pictures. I did get a cute picture of him afterward. The teachers thought he looked so sharp because I send him to school in sweatpants (easy for bathroom breaks) and dark colored cotton shirts (to hide stains). Tomorrow they're having pajama day at preschool and he is excited.


Matt Bowgren said...

That pic is a little bit creepy. Jonah looks like an angry reindeer contemplating what he's going to do later in life to the parents that made him wear these antlers... Just sayin.

Kim said...

Ha! I sent the picture to my mom with the title "The Reluctant Reindeer". But really he loved the antlers. Probably a bit too much as he shook his head back and forth throughout the program to make the bells jingle.