Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our computer is still down and out but the new windows just arrived today so hopefully Matt will have time to install it soon. I can't believe I haven't posted anything since Christmas. Our weekend was very relaxed just the three of us. Matt had Monday off so we went out to lunch. Yesterday while Jonah was at preschool I cleaned out his closet, room and playroom. Today we went to a place with inflatable slides and jump houses. Kids are still on break and it was a madhouse. We'll go back again when it isn't as crowded. Jonah loved it and the whole way home asked to go back again. I saw him have a head on collision at least three times with other kids and he would get back up and run off playing. Here are some random photos from the last few days.

A few bumps and bruises from a hard day playing

Playing with the nativity set one last time this year.

I couldn't believe he climbed up and went down the slide all by himself.

Caleb hoarding the new toys on Christmas.

Jonah trying out his new scooter on Christmas morning.

Putting the books in his room turned out to be a bad idea. I found him reading at 4 am.

Now if only I could find the motivation to clean my closet.

Jonah has the habit of taking his pajamas off at night.

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