Friday, January 13, 2012

I keep hoping everyday is the last day if being sick but sadly that hasn't been the case yet. After working Saturday night I got sick (surprise surprise as night shift kills me) and have done nothing all week but sleep. Matt is also sick now. Jonah is the only one healthy as he gave us these colds. Speaking of Jonah, he is a regular comedian lately and he is his biggest fan. He regularly cracks himself up which reminds me very much of Matt. He is on a big Curious George kick lately and wants to read his Curious George book every night. When he wakes up in the morning he always says he has a BIG job to do. Usually it is fighting fires but sometime he says he has to work with his tools. I don't have any recent pictures of him but here is one of the scoundrel that makes himself at home when I get up.

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Anonymous said...

Calab looks so cute. Guess what Harry and Keith just dug me out. Snow drifts behind garage and in drive. It is suppose to warm up tommorrow. Hope it is so I have only been out the door to feed cats . Had to call Tom yesterday on his birthday No mail so he did not get card. Glad you are feeling better hope Matt gets okay soon. Love Great Grandma Louise