Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day #?

Another day of winter weather and another day at home. I was hoping to take Jonah to preschool today because he hasn't been all week and we have to pay regardless but with all the ice I decided not to risk it. So instead we just hung out at home. We're getting bored but at the same time I'm loving spending so much time with Jonah. Just a couple of weeks ago I was complaining to Matt about how I was always having to remind Jonah to say thank you and it was very frustrating. All of a sudden he just got it and I'm getting heartfelt thank you's for things I wouldn't even expect to like making him lunch. I just wish I could record him all the time because the things he says and the way he says them are so quirky. It makes us a little sad that we're the only ones that get to enjoy it. It doesn't really translate in text. I'm going to try to get a video of him when he is upset. It shouldn't be hard because sometimes he has the angst of a teenager. When he gets upset, usually because we tell him he can't do something, he cries and says "I want to be happy!" over and over again. He is currently napping or as we're calling it now "resting" with books. When I would mention a nap I would practically have to drag him to his room and he would stay awake for hours even though he was tired. Now we say it is rest time and he gets to
choose a couple of books to take to bed with him. He runs to his room now and falls asleep within 15 minutes most days. The last couple of weeks when I was sick I didn't feel up to playing on the floor with Jonah so we read a lot of books. He is even starting to memorize some and last night at bedtime he "read" us an entire book. Last week we read an Eric Carle book and at the end Matt asked Jonah to recall the animals in the book and instead of the macaroni penguin he said macaroni and cheese penguin.

Here is a picture of the backyard. It has been snowing/freezing rain all day. Thankfully we haven't lost power (yet) and I hope we don't. I would be googling turning off the fireplace pilot light. I have to do that, right? Again, hoping I don't have to worry about that.

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