Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All about Jonah

It has been a while since I did a post all about what Jonah is up to. I don't know how many times a day I find myself shaking my head in disbelief at the little person he has become. He is sensitive and kind but also very independent and opinionated. Matt and I have almost daily discussion about how to handle his latest shenanigans and direct him to become the man we want him to be. Here is a glimpse of Jonah at 3 1/2:

His love for music continues to grow. His favorite band is the Beatles which he calls "The Beatles Band" and when he hears them on the radio he often requests to listen to the song again. Growing up not knowing anything except DVR and YouTube, the concept of not being able to rewind something is foreign to him. He also likes to identify the instruments in songs. Every Wednesday they have music class at preschool and a different instrument is featured. He talks a lot about brass but he'll probably be taking piano lessons in a few years. He is constantly singing and making up songs most of which don't make sense and include a mix of languages but they usually have a nice melody. He has a really good memory, much like Matt, and he'll remember songs after only hearing them once. Last night he was singing the Electric Company theme song which is definitely Matt's influence. He does have his own taste though. Matt was trying to get him to listen to "Country Roads" by John Denver and Jonah said no, he wanted to listen to Johnny Cash singing "Nasty Dan". He's also not afraid to burst out in song in public places. There was a lot of singing going on during our trip to Target this week.

We've had a lot of discussions lately about respecting your parents. Sometimes when I ask him to do something he tells me no. That doesn't go over well. He also likes to argue with me. This morning I corrected him and he told me I was wrong. I thought that attitude didn't come until the teenage years. We're constantly reminding him to speak in a nice tone and rephrase his "requests" when playing. I have a meeting with his teacher on Friday to discuss how things are going and it will be interesting to hear how he does with the other children.

Like I mentioned a few days ago, he's figuring out phonics. If he is in the right mood he'll sound things out but usually we can only get him to do one or two words before we loose his attention. He really likes to find words that rhyme and thinks it is a fun game. Little does he know he's learning! Reading a book before bedtime is usually something he and Matt do together.

Since our trip to Illinois in December he has been waking up early. Sometimes it is as early as 6 am but mostly at 7 which I know is not that unusual for a toddler but he used to sleep until 8 or 9. He still won't nap at preschool but I know on those days I can bring him home, feed him and have him in bed and asleep before 7:30. I've learned my evening will go much better if I don't try to keep him up until Matt gets home from work.

After soccer last weekend we went and got him a soccer ball and some cones to practice with. He was playing in the living room the other day but he wasn't playing soccer, he was playing soccer practice. He said he was Coach Bobby and he was setting up the cones. Then it was time to play at the playground.

For the last week Jonah has been starting his day by cooking in his kitchen. Yesterday he said it was Gordy's birthday so he made him cake. Here they are wearing their party hats.

He put on my scarf and said "I'm home! I'm your husband."

This is frequently how our evenings end up. Matt lays on the floor while talking to me and playing with Jonah and falls asleep. Here Jonah set up a line of toys next to him.

It is snowing here today! I'm really ready from some sunshine.

How I warmed up after dropping Jonah off at preschool, fireplace and hot chocolate. It was nice for five minutes and then I realized I should get started on my to do list.

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