Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We had a pretty crummy Valentine's evening. Matt didn't get home until 8 and was very tired after leaving for work at 5:30 with only a few hours of sleep the night before. He's been working so hard on his projects. Then after I read Jonah a book before bedtime he went to get another and I heard the unmistakable cough. Matt cleaned up the floor while I cleaned up Jonah. He continued to throw up most of night but thankfully has great aim and got it all in his bucket. He would just yell for us to come empty it. Today he isn't his usual self but hasn't thrown up. I'm being very cautious about what I give him to eat, basically the BRAT diet. Matt actually has more work to do tonight. Poor guy has a sinus infection which the lack of sleep isn't helping. Dr Jonah tried to help him out last night. He listened to him and then delivered his baby. Then it was my turn. He listened to my heart and handed me a bill for $3,000. I think he has a future in medicine, or swindling, ahead of him.

Just hanging out on the couch today.


Megan said...

Jonah, you silly boy :) He looks so adorable with the stethoscope on. I love that he handed you a bill, too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

My email is working today so I can tell you how happy I was with your valentine. I could not help but think how excited Claude would have been and he would have been so proud of you all as I am. You made my day and I wish you all the happiness that you deserve. Love you all so much , just wish I could be closer to baby sit. My buttons are busting off and can I tell everyone now. Love great grandma Louise