Monday, February 27, 2012

Glorious Weekend

For the first time since Christmas Matt and I both had the weekend off. It was wonderful to have two entire days together. We're usually like two ships passing in the night on the weekends. We really didn't know what to do with ourselves. Saturday morning we cleaned the garage a little bit. I needed Matt to lift boxes. We finally moved the Christmas decorations out to the garage. The tree had been sitting in the hallway for a couple of months now. We have three piles in the garage now: garbage, Goodwill and Craigslist. We'll be getting rid of our single strollers eventually. I can't think of a reason to keep them around or with three kids when we'll need a single stroller. The changing table already went which is good since we wouldn't even have had room for it in the nursery with two cribs.

After unsuccessfully trying to convince Jonah to take an early nap we had his first soccer practice in the afternoon. He seems to be the youngest in his group which makes sense because he only made the cutoff by a week. We saw something that looks like it could be a problem in school if he doesn't reign it in. He talks all the time. They would be in the middle of a drill and Jonah would be standing there talking to himself and randomly clapping. He doesn't talk to the other kids but was sure to keep the coaches up to date on his shin guards, the condition of the field, etc. We had to chuckle once when the coach was telling the kids to come line up next to him. Jonah shouts as he's running "I'm coming Coach Bobby!". Maybe you had to be there.

Saturday night Matt and I rented a movie and watched it after Jonah went to bed. We watched Moneyball which was good. Sunday afternoon we went to the Children's Museum. Afterward we had ice cream which was sooooo good. I love Coldstone. Then while Jonah napped Matt and I played board games and we rounded out the evening with a Leapfrog video. Jonah has a couple of new ones and he cannot get enough of them. He is so interested in phonics right now and is even sounding out basic words and knows some sight words too. It is so neat to watch him figuring things out. I get a million questions while we're driving about what signs say. We had such a wonderful weekend and can't wait for our next one together in April and our trip to Great Wolf Lodge.

Mmmm, ice cream!

At Target today to pick up birthday presents for our two birthday parties this weekend. We had to walk through the baby isle and Jonah needed to serenade that lovey. He probably is partial to his own but he's never met a lovey he didn't want to caress and hold against his cheek.

Driving the semi at the Children's Museum

The babies have been doing a lot of growing!

Jonah made breakfast for his dog, Gordy.

Lunch at Target with my boy. I'm going to try to enjoy every last moment of time with him before life gets really busy. I think he was probably saying "Huh?".

Another silly face.

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