Friday, March 30, 2012


I've been horrible about updating with actual words lately. We've been doing well. Between 15 and 20 weeks the babies should double in size and I definitely think they've been growing. I'm up 13 pounds at this point which I'm pretty happy with. The goal with twins is 20 pounds by 20 weeks so I have a couple more weeks to get closer. I think half the weight is from Reeses peanut butter eggs. We/I may or may not be on our 4th package. I'll get those soccer videos uploaded this weekend. Spoiler alert: they're videos of Jonah not playing soccer during soccer. Here is a short video of Jonah singing yesterday. He was singing a nice song to the babies and when I started recording him many of the words went missing. They liked it and were moving all around. I've felt them moving for a couple of weeks but in the last week the frequency has picked up and I can even see them from the outside. Matt and Jonah are not patient enough to wait and see though.

Our yard needs serious attention but between the constant rain and Matt's schedule, it hasn't gotten any. Those are tree limbs from a storm a few weeks ago. But the real reason for the picture, the flowers popping up!
I woke up from a (glorious) nap today and found this. I don't know how or why Caleb removed the register cover. He is weird.

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