Monday, April 16, 2012

I had to wake Jonah up at 9 this morning to take him to preschool. I think the sleep was just what he needed to get over his cold. He is supposed to be there before 9:30 or you have to wait until after 10:30 so that circle time is not interrupted. We didn't make it out of the house until 9:20 so I took him to Target with me. We had to get a new baby monitor because he broke his last week using it as an ax to break down his door. We tried going without over the weekend but a)I don't like not being able to hear what he is doing and b)we can't hear him until he is screaming. Here he is with his "babies" riding in the cart. Looks like he is still waking up.

After dropping him off I went to the fabric store and spent entirely too much time looking at fabric for the boys and then had an ultrasound and doctors appointment. Everything is looking great and they're going to try to wean me off one of the medications because it can cause problems with the babies' kidneys. I go back in two more weeks for a quick check and then two weeks after that I'll get an ultrasound to check on the babies' growth. Here are the two pictures from today. Excuse the flash on the pictures. I've been feeling less movement the last few days and its because the stinkers have moved again. Baby A is now breech.

Our little poser, Baby B. He was sucking on his fingers again.

And Baby A with his hand across his forehead. He looks squished in there.

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