Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jonah and I made a trip to Costco yesterday. First we had lunch because it is amazingly cheap and yummy. We didn't get much shopping done because I soon realized it probably wasn't a good idea for me to be walking and pushing a cart. It looks like that will be my last trip for groceries unless things get much better. The sun was shining and it hit 60 degrees and I was so sad I couldn't take Jonah to the park. Today I'm hanging out on the couch and Jonah is doing some crafts. Or should I say our little wolf cub? The ears and stethoscope as his tail have been worn frequently lately.


Grandma Joan said...

Rest Kim! Love you all! Thank you for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Love pics. Please take care of yourself Kim Do not stress out. We are having a warm spell again do not need jackets. Some have started planting We will Thursday Just enough to try out new planter and really go for it on Monday. That is when crop insurance kicks in. Jonah is really growing and is so sweet. Love you all. Great Grandma Louise