Friday, April 6, 2012

New camera

One thing on my 30 before 30 list is getting comfortable with manual settings on my camera. I also asked for my Mother's Day, birthday, Christmas and I'm having your two babies present early so I could practice before the babies arrive. I just got it yesterday and haven't even begun to understand how to work it but I'm loving it already. It was cheaper to order the lenses seperately so right now I only have a portrait lens while I wait for my basic lens. Here are a couple pictures I've taken. I'm excited to learn about the camera and for some sunny days (and cute little babies to take pictures of too).

First is my uncooperative subject. Don't worry, the dogs are going to the groomer on Tuesday.

Eye drops. I was desperate for something to take a picture of.

Jonah. His hair has been out of control lately. He looks like such a big boy here.

I'm using the memory card from my old camera and found this picture on there. How cute was he?

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Megan said...

Your picture of Caleb looks neat!