Friday, April 13, 2012

There has been more illness in our house in the last 6 months than all the years previous combined. Matt was sick on Wednesday and Jonah was sick yesterday. I decided to keep him home from preschool but thought he might be able to go to my doctors appointments with me. We made it to the parking garage where I spent 20 minutes cleaning him and his car seat up before turning around and heading home. He seems to be feeling much better but we're staying under quarantine for another day. Thankfully I'm feeling okay and I hope to stay that way because Matt has the weekend off. I'm praying that the storms in the Midwest are not as bad as they're predicting and everyone stays safe.

His favorite part of being sick is hanging out on the couch watching tv. He tells me a couple of times a week that he is sick and says he needs to watch tv.

Meanwhile Caleb, Jo, the boys and I were smooshed into the chair together.

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