Friday, April 20, 2012

Today we met up with friends at a place that sells play structures. For a few hours each day they let the public pay to play at their indoor showroom with about 15 different really nice play structures. Its the perfect solution for those rainy days. Jonah had a blast. I did too! I've felt trapped in the house lately. There have been weeks at a time where the only place I've gone is Jonah's preschool. My friends have been so nice about trying to choose activities that allow me to mostly sit down. I'm the official baby watcher while they go intervene with the preschoolers. And Jonah has never been shy about adopting the closest parent. He can always find someone to push him on the swing or have a conversation with.
It is supposed to be rain free this weekend and on Sunday may even hit 70! I'm debating about taking a weekend to use Matt's help to catch up on projects around the house (uh hello nursery closet full of boxes we haven't unpacked in 3 years!) or taking the weekend off to enjoy the weather. We'll probably do a combination of the two.

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