Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vacation Recap

Warning: This post is mostly pictures and pictures of poor quality from my phone. Matt's back at work, Jonah's at preschool and I'm thinking about taking a nap. My cell phone uploads the pictures in random order so it may be a little confusing.

Getting a hug after story time
Very tired but a nicely groomed Caleb.
Riding the cooler into the hotel.
Watching the Clock Tower Show and story time.
So grown up!
Before the Clock Tower Show started. He was scared but as soon as the music started he was over it.
He asked if that was his bed.
The ice cream truck he has talked about for the last year.
Daddy and Jonah watching some Muppets.
On the way home.
In the big boy bed. I remembered why he is locked in his room with nothing but his bed at night. I woke up around midnight to him using the cooler to climb on the counter to get a drink. At some point he also came and took Matt's glasses and phone.

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Anonymous said...

What ezcellent pictures. Jonah is getting so big and more handsome as time goes by. I miss you all so much Glad you are feeling better Kim I have new internet carrier and am getting your site now. Guys are busy planting corn and spraying . It has been cool here but warmed up today. Miss you and love you all Great Grandma Jiles