Monday, April 2, 2012

We took a trip to the hospital yesterday to bring Matt lunch. He is literally steps away from the cafeteria but is often too busy to get something to eat. He worked the entire time we were there but it was nice to see him and make sure he was fed. Jonah was trying to push Matt out of his chair telling him it was his turn to work. Matt set him up at a computer where he would watch Matt and copy whatever he did. He was upset with us because we wouldn't let him talk on the phone. He was also disappointed that there was no play place, tv or toys there. We went to the Children's Hospital last week to watch baby Lucas while his brother had an appointment and Jonah thought the waiting room was the best thing ever. And there is a picture of how much the babies have grown. I was 18w3d and I feel huge but I didn't realize I was looking that big. Summer really needs to arrive because my maternity clothes are for warmer weather and my jeans are getting uncomfortable. Oh and that isn't my finger in the pictures. There was something on the lens.

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Megan said...

Your belly is getting so big and you look so wonderful!