Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yesterday Jonah visited the dentist for a cleaning. He had a hard time staying quiet while they were cleaning his teeth. The hygienist had to stop to let him tell her whatever it was he wanted to talk about. He loves an audience. His next appointment is in 6 months and I have no idea how I'll swing that with two infants.

Tonight Matt is at work administering a test for the R2 class that he has been working on. I told Jonah it was a mommy and Jonah night and we were going to watch a movie and eat dinner. He requested crab rangoon so we made a trip to the grocery store on the way home from preschool. After a bathroom run Jonah wanted to go to the childcare place while I shopped. I told him I wouldn't be long but when I went to pick him up in 15 minutes he still didn't want to leave. Now we're home watching the movie and he is fading fast. I think we'll be finishing the movie tomorrow.

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