Saturday, May 26, 2012

Beautiful day!

It is sunny and in the 70s here today. It isn't supposed to last but we're loving it today. Matt is working so its just Jonah and I this weekend. We went to the fabric store because I ran out of trim for the curtains. They're 75% of the way there. I'll finish them today during nap time. We went to the shoe store to find Jonah and his XW feet a pair of sandals. I found some that fit last week but we've been shopping around for a better deal and I thought with the sales this weekend we could find one. It looks like I'm going to end up ordering them on-line. We just finished lunch and now we're going out to the yard to play. I'm ready for this month and all the weekend call to be over. Matt has the next two weekends off and then does two weeks of nights rounding out the end of his 3rd year. I can't wait until the end and we can go on a vacation, a real vacation that last more than a couple days and maybe one day a vacation that includes no kids. A girl can dream.Here is Jonah the superhero from a few days ago. When I realized I needed to change my camera settings he was done with pictures.

Today at the shoe store. Jonah wanted to try on the slippers.

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