Saturday, May 26, 2012

Enjoying the Sun

Two posts in one day? I figured since I uploaded the photos and had a minute I would share. No post for you tomorrow though as we have friends coming over to play. One of my friends who's husband is also a resident is coming over tomorrow with her boys because her husband is one of the unlucky one on call this holiday weekend too. And they're leaving in a month for fellowship so we need to get all the time in we can before they pack up and move to Vegas.

Doing stunts on the swings.

Inspecting his "hiking sticks" closely.

Poking around at the ground.

Counting his sticks to make sure they're all there.

Watching his reflection in the door as he does the "hiking man dance".

From the one text message I receive and the lack of replies it sounded like Matt was having a rough day. We sent him a silly picture to cheer him up. I think cupcakes are in order for tomorrow.

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Grandma Joan said...

I love the hiking man dance picture.....they are all so good! Love that boy! Love you and have a restful Memorial day