Saturday, May 19, 2012

I don't have any pictures but I wrote something down that I had to document. Jonah and I were playing train, an activity that allows me to sit on the couch being the conductor and talk about what we see out the window when we're going to our destination. We had just arrived back to Seattle from Chicago where we had seen the American flag on the Willis Tower (this boy does not forget anything) when Jonah brought me some play food. He said it was pepperoni cat cake from the Seattle cake shop for conductor appreciation week. After talking about Teacher Appreciation Week a couple of weeks ago he now randomly likes to honor people. Last week he said it was teenager appreciation because a teenager had come to our door and Matt explained to Jonah he was collecting money for a charity and now Jonah thinks teenagers are pretty cool. It is funny to see the things he takes an interest in and remembers. Last week all I heard about was how Elton John was his favorite singer. This week every time the radio is on he wants to hear Cheap Trick's I want you to want me. Either that or Home on the Range. I'm pretty sure his little brothers are going to think he is the coolest kid ever.

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