Thursday, May 24, 2012

Matt had a random vacation day today. Even though he was home he worked most of the day. He is writing a book chapter about radiology and the deadline is coming up soon. Jonah ran some errands with me and then while he was napping I left to try to find a dress for the resident graduation dinner coming up. I wasn't successful. Normally I love dress shopping (not that I do it often) but being very pregnant and not wanting to spend much money on something I probably won't wear more than once made it challenging. I have two weeks to find something.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and everything looks good. The babies both have plenty of fluid and are staying put. Baby A is still head down and now Baby B is breech when he was transverse before. I passed my glucose screening (whew) but need to take some extra iron but that isn't a surprise. I'm going to ask about increasing my thyroid medicine next time I go in or checking it again because my TSH more than doubled since my last check. I go back in another two weeks and then am having a growth ultrasound the following week. I've been feeling really well for a long time now except for the usual pregnancy aches and pains and battling a cold Jonah shared with me. I asked about reducing my medicine because the large dose I'm on makes me hypotensive but my doctor wants to wait until we reach 28 weeks to make any changes. We're 26 weeks now. I mentioned to my doctor that I had been worried about the babies in the days following my steroid shots because they were not moving at all or very little compared to their usual activity. I finally broke down and bought a doppler for some peace of mind. I had been wanting one since the very beginning and now wish I would have gotten it sooner. It gives me piece of mind to be able to check their heart rates and makes sure they're both doing okay. Anyway, I mentioned this to the doctor and she told me they usually see a decrease in activity/variability in the days following the steroids. Um, it would have been nice for someone to mention that to me! It would have saved me days of worry.

Jonah LOVES corn on the cob. He saw I was making it for dinner and was so excited.

I was hoping this dress would work because it was my pre-pregnancy size meaning I could wear it again. Sadly in another two weeks I don't think I'll be able to squeeze in it even though it had some stretch (obviously).

My "helper" at the pharmacy.

Jonah helping/hindering Matt. He was wearing a surgical cap and thought it went over the face.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Jonah is really concentrating on helping his Daddy. Love the pictures and glad you had good appointment at doctors. Praying that everything will go okay. Love picture of you Kim, and the boys of course. Wish we were closer so we could see you in real Sorry to miss this but the outcome will be the same. Matt you are doing so well and I am just busting with pride. Grandpa would have been so proud os you guys and loved the babies. Great Grandma Louise