Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Matt had today off so we made good on our promise to take Jonah to Chuck E Cheese's for being a big boy. We had the place to ourselves most of the time which is a benefit of a weekday afternoon trip. Jonah had so much fun. Here are some pictures from today and the weekend from my phone.

Loving on the mouse.

I was sorting through Jonah's baby clothes and he wanted to wear a bib.

Having fun

Cheap family picture, one token=25 cents

On Sunday we dropped a snack off for Matt at the hospital. Here is Jonah displaying his wings. He won't let me zip his jacket anymore because he always wants his wings available.

Mmmm, enjoying pizza at Chuck E Cheese's.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Joan has been trying to get my new Ipad set up. when I changed internet caarriers they did not fasten up my router It is hot and dry here need rain badly. I pick a spot for my garden that had been sprayed with Canopy last fall and all my garden is dying from carry over. So I spent day planting plants thay had not yet died in pots hoping to save at least some. Love cheap pictures they mean so much. Still sewing and knitting. Trying to keep myself occupied. Look forward to your posts they mean so much to me. Love you all so much Great Grandma Louise

Grandma joan said...

Love these pictures too! Hug all your boys for me.