Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A new solution

Jonah has been having a rough week. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were very bad days with a lot of temper tantrums and horrible behavior. Today is the first day he did not throw himself on the floor screaming and did not hit me, threaten to scratch me or pretend to shoot me (lovely, huh?). I think getting back to his routine is helping and knowing what is expected of him. His teachers missed him last week. They have been so happy because the last two days he has been there he has napped. This makes our evenings so much more pleasant. He hasn't been getting up quite as early either. On Tuesday he slept until 8! He is still playing with the blinds and curtains. I hope to have solved that problem tonight. I have an appointment tomorrow to check the babies' growth. I've been feeling really good and am trying to lie down every couple of hours.

Night #3

New bed tent that will hopefully keep him away from the window.

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Megan said...

Tell Jonah it makes his Aunt Megan very sad to hear he is saying such bad things to his mommy! :(
I love his tent bed! I hope you are feeling good, Kim. I'll keep sending good thoughts your way :)