Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nursery Progress

As long as I was caught up on laundry I figured I should tackle a project I've been avoiding. We're using the chair from Jonah's nursery in the boys' room but the color of the slipcover wasn't quite right. Also Caleb loves to sit in every chair so the light tan showed all his drool spots on the arms. I could have bought a new slipcover but I thought I would try something cheaper, dyeing the fabric. It was an all day process with the prewash, dyeing, regular wash and then a cycle with bleach to clean out my washer. I didn't dry it all the way seeing as it said dry clean only. It is a bit more snug but nothing that a little strength couldn't tug into place. I don't have any left so maybe I can get Matt to finish pulling down the sides for me. Here is the before:

And the after: (see how the sides need tugged down a bit?)

I love the color that it turned out. The package directions said to use 4 packets of dye but I had only bought two so I was worried it would be too light but it is perfect. I think it looks pretty with the blue on the walls. We/I painted the room over a year ago thinking that blue would certainly work for a boy and we could add pink accents to make it work for a girl too. I didn't want to end up having to live with whatever color was on the wall because Matt didn't want to paint which is what happened in Jonah's nursery. It still needs touch ups   but that will be a quick job someday.

I also hung curtains and pinned up some fabric that I'm using to add length to see how it would look. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't put the fabric at the top of the panels instead of the bottom. I have quite a few things to sew and then the big job will be painting the dresser (a Craigslist find, also from about a year ago).

Here are some photos of Jonah from the last couple of days. I got out the little vacuum hoping he would think helping me clean was a game. It didn't last long before he said he was done and I could finish.

He came with me to the hospital yesterday morning. On Monday it took 40 minutes to get my shot because they had to register me and get me in the computer. I thought surely it would be even faster the next day. Not so much. Even thought the nurse got the order from the doctor at 8 am and sent the order stat to pharmacy when I arrived at 9:50, we still didn't get out of there until 12. I wasn't prepared for that long of a wait and hadn't really brought much for Jonah to do. I do have a spanish flashcard app on my phone so that did entertain him for a bit. He was actually really good. Near the end he started asking to get out of his stroller and "go in the other room" but at that point I was ready to leave too. After I got the shot we high tailed it out of there because we had friends coming over (at 12) to our house to play in the sprinkler.


Grandma Joan said...

The chair and curtains look wonderful! Jonah is so cute! Remember to rest as much as you can. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Kim you are doing such a good job. I am so proud. I love pictures Jonah looks as if he is getting taller every day not to mention how handsome he is. I put a box in mail hope it gets there okay. Love you all Great Grandma Louise