Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our day is getting off to a slow start seeing as how we're still in our pajamas at nearly 10:30 am. When Jonah woke up he asked where we were going today. When I told him he needed to get dressed he said he was sick and wanted to stay home today. I only wish Ikea wasn't a 45 minute drive because we would hang out there. A play place (with free childcare for 60 minutes!) and frozen yogurt, what more could you ask for? Jonah's request was the outlet mall but it is raining here today and it is an outdoor mall. Matt has tomorrow off work for another random vacation day but he'll be working on his projects. Maybe I'll get something accomplished in the nursery. Yesterday instead of working in the nursery I made Jonah a quilt. Originally I started with the thought it would be for one of the babies but then decided since I was using a whale fabric I would make it for Jonah. It is almost finished. I need to quilt it and wash it which shouldn't take too long because I'm not doing anything difficult seeing as how this is my first quilt. It isn't perfect but it is made with love. And because of my fabric hoarding ways, I had everything I needed at the house. I made Jonah a play tent a couple of days ago using fabric I had on hand too. I'm trying to get my pile down to be able to fit it all in the playroom closet.


Grandma Joan said...

Beautiful! Love you all and miss you so much!

Anonymous said...

Kim I am so proud of your quilt. My teacher at the course I took at U of I , Mrs. Gingerich, an Amish lady, would start each class with the statement We had to make a mistake on our quilt as only God was perfect. When she asked me if I had made my mistake I would always respond. No I am not God so I know I will make a mistake without doing it on purpose. I have not had internet service for several days so I really enjoyed your posts. Love to you all Great Grandma Louise