Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Since coming out of his crib Jonah has been slowly destroying his room. It has escalated the past couple of weeks to using the register cover to gouge out the drywall to "make his room bigger". He had also started breaking off pieces of his blinds. So, we moved the daybed that has been in the guest room/nursery into his room hoping to block his access to the window. A little view of part of his destruction. He got down to the paper backing on the drywall.
The bed all set up and ready to go.
The first night
The second night
So far the bed has stopped the damage to the drywall but on the first night he pulled down his curtains and the second he pulled them aside and broke part of the blinds off. Oh, and when I walked in the room he threatened to cut me with his shank. We'll either look back at this time and think about how difficult raising a toddler was or look back and say it was the beginning of his descent into crime.

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Megan said...

Haha how does he even know the word "shank"!? He is something else :) Love you! Happy Mother's Day, Kim!