Friday, May 18, 2012

There is the largest spider I have ever seen outside the zoo on the wall above the computer. It has been there all day. I would like to call Matt up and insist he come home to take care of it but a) I don't think he/his job would qualify it as an emergency and b) Matt doesn't like to kill spiders and instead tries to get them on a piece of paper and taken them outside which means he usually just makes them run and hide in the house somewhere. Normally I would put the extension on the vacuum cleaner and suck it up but this spider would be too big. Yes, it looks like the type that eats small animals. So it sits, taunting me because it knows I would like to spend Jonah's nap time on the computer but if I do it will eat me. Long story short, here are pictures from my phone.
Update: The spider is no more thanks to the suggestion of a broom by my mom. Now the wall needs a little touch up paint. And Jonah decided not to nap even though he said he was "exhausted" from playing.

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