Friday, May 11, 2012

V Day!

Today is a big day. Today the babies reached 24 weeks and are technically viable. It is crazy to think I've cared for babies who are younger and smaller than these two. Today is a day I've been looking forward to for a long time because it means if they were to be born it wouldn't mean saying goodbye without a fight. Only 27 more days to our next milestone of 28 weeks which is when many of the risks of preterm birth drop dramatically. I know too much. The weather here is so beautiful. We met friends at a park that has a play structure enclosed with only one exit so we just watched the exit and made sure to keep and eye and ear out. They gave us our Mother's Day presents early by being so good with no arguments or conflicts. Were were there for 4 hours and had to pull the kids away.

Here is a picture of Baby A from yesterday. It was the only good picture we were able to get because it is a jumble of limbs in there. She snapped this one quickly when B momentarily stopped kicking A in the head. I'm not sure if that is his hand or B's foot but Jonah asked if it was his paw.

I feel huge for only having 3 lbs of baby but maybe because this is my view. Also maybe they have really big placentas. I can hope.

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