Monday, May 14, 2012

Warm & Sunny

My day started with a trip to triage to get steroids. I was a little jealous of the women there walking in to deliver their babies. Not that I want these guys to come anytime soon but I am excited to get to that point.

It was sooooo gorgeous today. Of course, it is always the nicest when Jonah is at preschool. I napped after my trip to the hospital but this evening when Matt got home we did go out to the yard for a bit. Jonah ran through the sprinklers at preschool today which he would not do last year. We're having friends over tomorrow to play outside with us. Here Jonah was told he could water the plants and started spraying Matt and then me as we were shouting for him to stop. Needless to say he lost his hose privileges.

My Mother's Day gift. Actually Matt brought the hydrangea bush home on Thursday. He remembered me looking at them the last time we were at Costco maybe a month ago and drove his car to work so he could stop by and pick it up on the way home. The thought that went into it means the most. Now I need to try to keep it alive. My track record isn't that great.

The bed tent had to be taken off Jonah's bed last night. He had all the poles out and was bending them. We may try again later. I was really hoping at this point he would be able to have things in his room. Maybe a book shelf or something but he destroys everything that is left and even moves furniture around. It would be nice to give him something to distract him while he is settling down but we can't think of anything soft aka anything that he can not use as a tool. My hope for him as an adult is for him to use all his creativity and industriousness to be successful.

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