Saturday, June 2, 2012

After playing all morning and then taking a really good nap, Jonah was excited to go to the park. He wasn't excited about playing but rather seeing the dogs walking around. He would run up to every person with a dog he saw shouting "May I please pet your dog?" but not usually waiting for an answer before doing so. We're working on that. And when he was done he would talk about how much he loved the dog. We just finished dinner, Jonah is watching a movie (Cars 2 but he keeps asking to watch Cars 5 we're assuming because he thinks it must have more cars in it) and then it will be bath and bedtime. Then Matt is going into the hospital to work for a bit and I hope to finish some sewing projects. It has been a pretty good weekend so far!

How much does he look like Matt as a little boy in this picture?

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Grandma Joan said...

These are wonderful pictures! Love you Kim! Hope you are doing well. Rest as much as you can!