Saturday, June 9, 2012

Here are a few pictures from yesterday. My friends threw me a surprise baby shower during our play date. I'm going to miss them as they start to move away as Matt has the longest residency. The decorations were very cute and they even made banners with the boys names on them. I did take pictures but won't share. You'll have to wait for the phone call in August!

Today we worked around the house. Matt mowed the yard, Jonah picked up the playroom (sort of) and I tried to straighten up Jonah's closet so we could pack away the too small clothes and make room for the bigger sizes. We also spent hours attempting to Jonah proof his room. What we finally came up with was his bed at an angle in the corner because if we put it against any of the walls he could climb on it and reach the door locks on the closet or door to his room. We moved his crib back into his room and placed it in front of the window. He can still access the drywall on the ends but can't climb in the window any more so I can sleep a little easier at night. Did I mention that I found him eating the drywall last week? He denied it but it was all over his mouth and chin. If we had a padded room, he would be in it.

I borrowed an outfit from a friend to wear to the graduation dinner tonight and was really excited to dress up and have a night out with Matt. Unfortunately our babysitter canceled and we couldn't find another. It was probably the pregnancy hormones but I was devastated. I even had an appointment for a haircut today so that it would be really nicely done by a professional. Oh well, it would probably be too much for me anyway. Most of my time is spent sitting or laying on the couch as of late.

 I've now officially surpassed how big I was with Jonah. I know this because new stretch marks are forming.

The big brother in his new shirt from Great Grandma. He received many compliments on it.

The "babies" from the shower. They were made by two difference people hence the different sizes. Jonah wouldn't keep his hands out of them and helped himself to way too much fruit which he paid for with an upset stomach.

The view of a double rainbow from our bedroom window last night.

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Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. I have never seen a double rainbow like that. It was warm and windy here today. Need some more rain to keep things green. Am I getting Jonah's clothes too big for him. Let me know He is so handsome and is looking so grown up. I adore the pictures of you Kim they remind me of what we are missing with you so far away but your pictures help us keep up. Love you all and am so proud of you all. Great Grandma Jiles_