Friday, June 22, 2012

I was having a hard time posting from my phone but I finally got it to work. I had a doctor's appointment today. We're excited to make it one more week because it is one more week the babies are growing. Baby A flipped! He is head down now and I'm hoping he stays that way. B is transverse but the doctor seems confident he could go head down too. After the appointment Jonah and I had lunch and hung out in the building because Jonah had his sibling preparation class later in the day. The kids were all 3 to 5. I wish I could have recorded it. Jonah talked/interrupted most of the class and shared a lot of unsolicited information/stories. He said he was going to put the toys that weren't safe for the babies in his basement (which we don't have) and when the teacher was asking about who was having a brother or sister he shared his brothers' names and his dogs' names. I wasn't really surprised because he was being himself but interrupting is something we've been working on that he hasn't quite grasped yet. Halfway through the class he stood up and said he was done and walked over to sit with me. I was surprised at the detail they included in the class. We had let Jonah believe that all babies were born by c-section. I think he is still processing the information and I'm sure we'll have questions soon enough.

After tonight Matt will be halfway through his two weeks of nights and then on to his 4th year of residency. I am headed to bed because something tells me Jonah won't sleep in tomorrow after he was asleep by 7 pm tonight. I'm still recovering from my cold. I think the weight of the babies is causing my knees and ankles to hurt. The doctor said she wants to see me gain at least 10 more pounds so I had a nice big bowl of ice cream tonight.

We had a few beautiful days this week and spent some time outside.

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