Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I was hoping I would have pictures to post from my ultrasound but they didn't show me their faces or give me any pictures. The boys are measuring 2 lbs 10 oz and 2 lbs 14 oz. Their growth has slowed a little but that is expected with twins at this point and they were big before. They're both breech but my doctor thinks there is still plenty of time for them to turn. We're so happy to get to 28 weeks and our next goal is 32. My contractions seem to go in cycles and the past week has been filled with days of contractions. I'm hoping it ends soon and we can have another month where things are quiet. I really think the bad weeks correlate with a lot of growth. This week it has been much harder to breath and my reflux has returned with a vengeance. Last night I could feel Baby A pushing himself into my ribs trying to stretch out. I can't wait to meet these boys and see what they look like.

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Megan Plunk said...

I can't wait to meet them either! You are amazing for handling all this discomfort :( We all can't thank you enough for being so strong and bringing the 2 lil ones into the world!! Keep it up, Kim! I'll keep sending good thoughts your way hoping for a happy healthy family <3