Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Posts have been few and far between mostly because I don't have much to report. Matt had a vacation day on Friday but spent most of it working on projects. He had the weekend off but on Saturday there was a mandatory research day which ended up being 10 hours long. Sunday was spent cleaning and Matt worked more on his projects. We're coming down to crunch time as he has some July 1st deadlines. For Father's Day he will unexpectedly be getting a new laptop because Jonah knocked his over and broke the screen. Matt picked Braxton up from the airport yesterday and then started two weeks of nights. Jonah is thrilled to have him here and has been glued to his hip so far. Matt had a sore throat last week which, having no immune system, I got over the weekend and it has turned into a horrible cold. That is why I'm up posting in the wee hours of the morning waiting for the Tylenol to kick in.

Here are some pictures of Bill and Bob taking naps. They had to visit doctor Jonah because they were in a car accident and weren't wearing their seat belts. Also, a picture of Jonah looking every bit as mischievous as he is.


Grandma Joan said...

Get well soon Kim! Rest when you can. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures. They make my day. Hope you are feeling better. You know you do not have time for illness with all you have to do. Saw Kati Anderson and her husband and their little girl. She has red hair. She is not as long or tall as I thought she would be but is a real cutie. Think about you often. Love Great Grandma Louise