Thursday, June 14, 2012

We're still here and surviving, just very tired. The funny thing about kids is that they don't care how much sleep you've gotten, they get up at the same time every day. Yesterday while Jonah was at preschool I finally finished painting the dresser in the nursery. It was a very long process because it was hard for me to do too much in one day. I think the wood filler took three days when it probably should have taken an hour. Now I just need to find new knobs. The weekend project is straightening up the nursery enough to put an inflatable mattress in there for Matt's friend who is coming to stay for a few days.

Last night after Matt got home I went out solo and my friends and I had dinner. It only took us 3 years to meet up without the kids! It was so nice to finish conversations and we had some very good food too. It was the adult company I had been so disappointed to miss at the graduation dinner. Matt found out he won an award (Resident Teacher Award) that was presented that night so I wish he would have gone without me. Our goal is to find a babysitter for next year!

Now with photos! All taken from my cell phone and usually in the reclined position.

Jonah calling 911 to report a fire.

Matt and Jonah watching a video on his phone.

Jonah's tent looking a little crooked but I think it may have been the angle of the phone.

Another pillow and blanket fort.

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