Friday, July 20, 2012

Another day pregnant and another day closer to meeting the boys! I'm having a lot of contractions but I'm 34 weeks today so they won't do anything to stop labor. My doctor said I had that look that meant I was probably close to delivery. Is that look miserable? I have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday to check their growth especially Baby B because he is breech which makes things more difficult. I just really want to make it to next Saturday so they can avoid the NICU and I can take Jonah to the outdoor movie on Friday. They're playing Rio which he loves. It would be a nice little treat before things get crazy. He is at preschool today and I could tell he didn't want me to leave him there. The last time I did I didn't pick him up and was in the hospital. This morning he was giving Matt a hug goodbye and told him not to forget his pager. I'm really cherishing these last days with Jonah as our only child. He has grown up so much lately and as challenging as a preschooler can be, he is so much fun. He says funny things all the time and I forget to write them down. Yesterday morning he came out of his room and said he had an accident. What he was talking about was that he had a bloody nose overnight. As I was cleaning up his floor and bed I told him I used to have bloody noses when I was younger. He said when he was younger he used to watch the Andy Griffith show. I don't know where he gets this stuff. When I was in the hospital Matt was working on a project (they're all finally done, for now) and had an MRI pulled up on the computer. Matt explained the person was sick and Jonah asked if there was something in their urine.

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Grandma Joan said...

Such a cute little guy! Andy Griffith sounds like something Grandpa Tom told him and probably watched with Jonah. You guys are always in my thoughts and prayers. Rest as much as you can. I love you!