Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another doctors appointment and another good report. Baby A remains head down and Baby B decided to turn from breech to transverse with his head more down than up which is encouraging. The doctor said she had no problem delivering B breech if he didn't turn. I also talked to the doctor about my desire to be conscious this time around which she assured me was the likely scenario. I'll go next week for another growth ultrasound. After the appointment we went to a friend's house for lunch. It must have worn Jonah out because he fell asleep less than 10 minutes into our trip home which is rare. It threw a wrench into my plans to stop by the store because I didn't want to wake him up or leave him in the car. I sent Matt to the store tonight for milk and he also came home with cookies, brownie mix, chocolate icing and chocolate syrup. That is why I do the grocery shopping.

The nursery is really coming along as I've been working hard to get things crossed off my list. I'm definitely getting to the miserable part at the end of the pregnancy and I worry about being able to do anything in the coming weeks. I need to take some pictures of my projects but will wait for the big reveal until the boys arrival.

Matt took Jonah to the nearest firework stand to get some sparklers tonight. The highlight of the trip was seeing the dinosaur/dragon thing. 

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