Friday, July 27, 2012

I had visitors yesterday which made my day. Jonah is difficult to entertain in the hospital room so he loved our trip to the terrace for 45 minutes. He ran around and collected sticks and exclaimed every time he saw a plane. Then they became my heroes when they went home and pulled weeds in the front yard. It is usually something I do but obviously it has been some time since I've been able. They took the initiative and surprised me. I'm sure the neighbors appreciate it too. Now I wonder how the inside of the house looks.

Someone was paid $1 to help. I think he would have accepted a handful of pennies too.

The after which would be much more dramatic if there had been a before picture. It was a lot of work.

My handsome visitors.

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Anonymous said...

I am not biased in my opinion but I too think you had two handsome visitors. Grandpa Jiles would have been delighted with your weed extractors. I took Grandpa Tom to have his colonostomy and upper scope done this morning. They found two polops in intestines removed them and will do biopsy on them Also found white rash in upper scope and this too they will test. I took him home pretty tired and still little out of it. Glad the date is set for your delivery I know you will be glad to see the boys. Hope you have Happy Birthday Matt. Love to you all and my thoughts and prayers are always with you Love Great Grandma Jiles