Saturday, July 28, 2012

Matt and Jonah visited today. I know it probably wasn't how Matt would have liked to spend his birthday but we'll celebrate it another day. I had Matt stop by the store and buy Rio so all 5 of us piled in the bed and watched that before heading out to the terrace for my 45 minutes of freedom from this room. Jonah did not want to go home today but they'll be back tomorrow for a short visit.

The boys are super active lately. I just had labs drawn because it has been a few days since they checked things. My BP has been consistent lately. My diastolic is usually low to mid 90s. It hit 100 two days ago but just one time. I met with lactation yesterday to talk about the challenges of twins. She gave me a recipe for cookies to help with supply which sounds good. I hope I can make them soon after I get home.

I finished my scarf this morning but I left the needle in because I'm not sure how to tie it off. The knitting lady will be back on Tuesday. Also, Veronica and Matt spoiled me and I now have a drawer full of snacks.

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