Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Admission

I could probably write a novel detailing Monday but I'll just give a brief synopsis (sorry, didn't end up being brief at all). Jonah and I had a leisurely morning where we both slept in and I dropped him off at preschool 2 hours later that usual so we could just hang out and not be rushed. I had my first scheduled non stress test. It quickly showed that I was contracting pretty frequently which I knew but I think it had something to do with how uncomfortable the monitoring belts can be. Then Baby A decided to drop his heart rate after a contraction so I got a wheelchair ride over to the hospital to be monitored for a couple of hours. I immediately started trying to call Matt to pick up Jonah because I knew I would be cutting it close. I thought if I called repeatedly he might pick up. I think by the time we arrived in triage I had called him 10 times. For some odd reason I got no cell reception in triage. I didn't know Matt's pager number but I was able to use my phone to log onto the resident website (conveniently Matt uses the same passwords for multiple things) and send him a text page. Come to find out later he had forgotten his pager at home so it didn't do any good. At this point I'm starting to freak out because I'm afraid no one will be there to pick up Jonah from preschool. The nurse got me an outside line to call a friend but I got voice mail. They took me down for an ultrasound (pictures to come later!) and on the way Matt called. I felt so much better knowing he was on the way to get Jonah and I could finally focus on why I was there. My contractions had been getting progressively more painful so the nurse followed me down with a shot to try to stop them. It helped for about 30 minutes but then they picked back up. The babies had their fluid and blood flow checked and everything looked good. But then a new problem surfaced as they noticed my blood pressure was high. Labs were drawn and I was admitted so the babies could receive another round of steroids and they could watch me for preeclampsia. I had also been having swelling and headaches. So after a couple of days in the hospital I'm feeling much better. The swelling is much improved although I still definitely have pitting edema and a mild headache that comes and goes. I'm on bed rest and hope to keep things calm in order to buy us another week. I'll go for another non stress test on Friday. We did learn a few things from our trial run. First of all, Matt needs to be checking his phone often and carrying his pager. I also need to set out clothes for Jonah because it was apparent by Jonah's appearance at the hospital that Matt isn't capable of matching. I've now gone through my bag and added things I had forgotten. Essential things like shampoo!

Stay tuned for ultrasound pictures and pictures of Jonah and his new haircut!

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Megan Plunk said...

Just think Kim, after these twins you will double the boys you have to take care of: Jonah, Baby A, Baby B, aaaaand Matt :) <3