Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our day didn't go as expected today. We were in the car ready to run to the store and get our day going when we heard a pop. Our tire had a piece of metal in it. While Matt was putting on the spare, Jonah and I ate lunch and then while Matt was taking the car to the tire place Jonah and I rested. The good news was that the tires were still under warranty and the new tire was free!

We didn't get anything done around the house but it was a day of strollers. In the morning Matt picked up a used double snap and go that the infant seats snap into for when the babies are too small to go in the big stroller. I'm a member of a local mom swap group on Facebook and have managed to get most of the stuff we need for the babies for really cheap (car seat, bouncer, swing, diapers). Someone is picking up one of our single strollers tomorrow which is bittersweet. I'm excited to need a double stroller but we've really loved that stroller and gotten so much use out of it. In the afternoon we went to a baby store to look at the double stroller we want in person. Of course they didn't have any but I was able to look at the competitors and it cemented that the choice I made was the right one for us. I escaped the house after dinner and had my hair cut. It'll be the last one for quite a while because I don't know when I'll be able to leave the babies. Jonah was a month old before we gave him a bottle.

Making sure the car seats fit.
Matt adjusting the straps on the car seats and Jonah twisting and tying straps in knots.

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