Monday, July 9, 2012

Quick Update

I've been trying to enjoy the beautiful weather with Jonah because I want to take advantage of every day I am still able to get out and about. Hence I haven't been on the computer much. Also sitting doesn't help my swollen feet. On Sunday Jonah and I went to a BBQ and swimming at Veronica's while Matt slept before work. Today I had a growth ultrasound and you wouldn't believe how big these boys have gotten. Baby A was 4 lb 6 oz and Baby B was 4 lb 7 oz. Those are fantastic sizes for twins at this point. The tech showed me their faces and they both look so much like Jonah did on ultrasound. They have huge cheeks and we even saw a little hair. If there anything like Jonah though they'll only have a little hair. Their heads are both measuring a week ahead. I'm a little scared that if I go to 38 weeks that I'll be carrying close to 15 lbs of baby! I'll try to get a little sneak peak up of the project I did over the weekend in the nursery. Tonight we went and picked up a box of newborn diapers and another bouncer so we'll have two. We just got a small package of diapers in case the babies are too small for the cloth ones we have. I can't imagine buying disposable diapers for two babies. Or formula for that matter. Let's hope we don't have to!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats You have done a wonderful job. This means you have really been eating healthy and taking good care of yourself. It would be wonderful to have two little brothers who look like he did He was and is so handsome. Think of you each day and hope things are going good for you all. We got some rain Sunday but it was scattered. The best part it cooled down a little. Who would have thought we would be glad to have it in 80s. Take care Love you all Greaat Grandma Louise