Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still here

Although my labs were improved my blood pressure was not so they kept me another night. My headache is now constant which means I spent all of yesterday with my room dark, laying with my eyes closed. When I spoke with the doctor last night he said they don't usually manage preeclampsia outpatient so that doesn't sound promising for discharge. Although he did say the doctor on today was a softy so I may be able to convince him.

Something I forgot to mention yesterday was that the ultrasound revealed that Baby B flipped and is now head down. Even so, the other doctors in the practice have all voiced concern about a VBAC seeing as how they're twins and B is the bigger baby. So it looks like I'll be having a c section. I think it would have come down to the anyway seeing as how my contractions have basically stopped. I didn't get to see Jonah yesterday so I hope I get discharged today because I miss him terribly. When I talked to him on the phone yesterday he told me they were having pizza and ice cream for dinner. I've ordered my breakfast, they've drawn my labs and will probably put the babies on the monitor sometime in the next hour. I hope I see the doctor before 7 pm today!

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